pneumatic rotary actuator

High-precision pneumatic rotating platform introduction:
High-precision pneumatic rotating platform is Blue technology with independent intellectual property rights of the patented product, The characteristics of high rigidity, high performance.High-precision pneumatic rotating platform precisely rotating 0 ° and 90 °, with the CNC indexing plate (fourth axis) combination product applications can be five-sided processing in one clamping situations.
High-precision pneumatic rotating platform product feature:
(I) Using P4 grade high precision bearings, Rotary surface precision is high;
(II) Using powerful clamping mechanism, high rigidity, heavy cutting resistance;
(III) Can accurate rotate 0 ° and 90 °, Repeatability is high ;
(IV) Imported hydraulic buffer, buffer performance, overloading products smooth rotation;
(V) Easy installation and debugging, Good compatibility with the machine to four axis, need not consider machine tool system.
(VI) Products with high precision CNC rotary table collocation of five surface and slope processing..

pneumatic rotary actuator
pneumatic rotary actuator